Posted by: jakeschwarze | April 13, 2009

Community Bible Church in Sunriver, OR



If I haven’t shared with you recently about the details of life it’s becuase we’ve been quietly waiting on the Lord to answer our prayers. He has been gracious and answered us in His perfect timing once again! It seems the Lord is moving us from Moscow, Russia to the Bend, Oregon area to serve the body of Christ in a likeminded church of 250 in the resort town of Sunriver! We sense the Lord is preparing this church for big things as we’ve gotten to know them and their heart for the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Lord has led us to this church and our hearts to be attached to such wonderful loving believers, we are still awaiting the absolute final word in May. But unless something drastic happens, we should be moving back in August.  I will be serving as Associate Pastor of Worship & Discipleship. God is good, we are thrilled and we prepare for the exciting future in back in America!

You can check out the church and my candidacy on these two links:



  1. I bet your parents are overjoyed that you are going to be back in the same time zone!

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