Posted by: jakeschwarze | March 24, 2009

My New Project

There is a young man named Simeon who is one day going to be a great pastor here in Russia. As the saying goes, “I’m no prophet, or son of  a prophet.” Infact, I’m more of a knucklehead than anything else, but even I can clearly see that he has something profoundly different than other Christians here. We hit it off immediately…mostly because he speaks english. Actually he was a very likable guy with real potential. And I could see him as a really good friend. I don’t have too many of those kinds of people here, so we invited him to our house a few times for dinner and then we began to meet for coffee and study.

I have had the priviledge to meet with him for 2 hours every week to study the Bible. He’s such an open young man. Open to be used for God. Open to God’s leading and transforming Word. Open to allowing God’s spirit move, convict and reveal the Glory of God to him. In meeting together, a few weeks into our study, he told me that even though he teaches a Bible study, yet he’s never studied like this before. I was literally shocked. I began to cry, asking him, “Why isn’t this stuff being taught in church? It’s the most basic element to our faith.” His excitement and dedication has fired me up to pour my life into him. We both do research and homework and then we use this to teach other bible studies.

In understanding that most Christian young people aren’t being taught this, I began to pray that God would let me lead a bible study in our church for college students and young married people. God has answered my prayer as we have a group of 6-10 people every friday at our house. God is good and using us in unexpected ways. I hope for the future salvation of many here. Did I mention that Olya translates for me? She is the best! She is growing by leaps and bounds in all areas, so I’m very proud of her.


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