Posted by: jakeschwarze | June 3, 2007

Russia 2007 Summer

  1. Give Thanks
  2. Change My Heart Oh God
  3. Seek Ye First
  4. Lyoobov Hristah
  5. Jesus Loves Me This I Know
  6. Lord Most High
  7. Once Again
  8. Grace Unmeasured
  9. I Will Glory in My Redeemer

You can also download all the songs in one .zip file.



  1. Jake, Please put me on your update emails. Karen and I will be praying for you daily! Big Phil

  2. Son, Bub and I definately want to be updated. We are praying for you and can hardly wait to see what God is going to do with The Team and especially you. Our prayers and love, Momma

  3. Jacob,
    Since the day I met you I have been so proud of who you are in Christ. I have witnessed your desire to be more and more Christ like.
    My friend, you truly are blessed. Only God could be the author and perfector of that faith.
    Love the Slevin family,
    Kerri, Jim, Jillian, Trevor & Jacob

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